Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked Free Download

Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked Free Download

Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked Free Download


Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked Free Download

Hiding your identity online is not a crime. In fact, it is necessary to hide your real IP from Hackers & Advertisers.  Many Proxy software’s are floating around the web, but most of them are just not enough secure. Hotspot Shield Elite is trusted by millions of users around the web. It can secure your identity with the latest encryption technology. I will elaborate more about it in this short review.

Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked is extremely sensitive in terms of user credentials. The number of IP Addresses is unknown; however, you’re dedicated IP Addresses will be encrypted with latest 256-bit encryption technology. Developers are using SSL encryption on their build to make sure, your data is in Safe hands. It is actually a safe practice to keep the locations anonymous. The ‘Paid version’ of Hotspot Shield Elite provides unlimited bandwidth without any speed throttle. You will be able to browse the web anonymously at normal speed.

ne thing to keep in mind, your bandwidth will still be limited from your ISP. You may need to take care of it. 

Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked

is based on OpenVPN connection, which is considered as the strongest and encrypted connection, although you can’t change the type of your connection because it is defaulted. We’ve tested this application. After establishing a successful connection, we compared the ‘Before & After’ speed, there was a slight difference, but still it is the best VPN, we’ve ever used. You can also download Torrents on this VPN, there are no limitations and you can download everything.

HotspotShield Elite Cracked comes with some extra features, one of the features, we like the most, is the ‘Malware detection’ feature, which will keep your PC, malware free while browsing any website. Hotspot shield will automatically block any suspicious site on your PC. Another great feature is the ‘’Data Compression Feature’’, which will help you save a couple of GB’s from your internet package. . You can use 1 genuine license on five multiple devices including Android, iOS and Mac.

The installation process is straightforward and completely easy. The ‘Free’ version is, unfortunately disappointing. You may have to deal will a ‘bunch’ of ads. So, it’s always better to grab the Paid version. Overall, Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked is quite easy to use and useful. You can use it for accessing blocked websites. I’ve included the latest version in the download section.

How to Install

  • Click On Download Button.
  • Software Auto Download.
  • Install the Setup.
  • Disable your Internet Connection.
  • Done!

Hotspot Shield Elite Cracked Free Download

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