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Product Module

  • Items by Product Category, Class, Characteristic
  • Support for Standard, Actual, and Average Costing
  • Flexibility in defining and describing your Items, including support for Aliases and Substitutes
  • Multiple types of Images suitable for online catalogs, pick lists, engineering diagrams, and more
  • Item Variants, with support for user-defined Options and Attributes to build infinite variations on your standard finished goods
  • Bills of Materials (BOMs), the basic definition of how a product is manufactured, can be as simple or as complex, as needed

Inventory Module

  • Items have corresponding Item Sites for order parameters, ABC class, lead time, and where/how Items are located in Warehouses
  • Fully multi-warehouse and supports multiple Locations inside Warehouses
  • Able to define whether a Location is Notable for purposes of valuing Inventory
  • Software Able to define Quarantined or other Restrictive Locations
  • Able to define Warehouse Zones and Aisle/Rack/Bin/Location controls
  • Freeze inventory quantities to minimize the impact on ongoing production during Physical Inventory Count
  • Full lot and serial control, with detailed inventory transaction history
  • Shipping & Receiving supports multiple carriers, user-customized forms, and reports
  • Fully integrated with Production, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, and Financials
  • Supports all leading barcode formats, including Code 3 of 9, Code 128, UPC, and EAN
  • Supports both tethered and wireless barcode reader solutions

Manufacture Module

  • Controls all orders, operations, and work centers on the shop floor
  • Multiple stages of Work Orders, including Open, Exploded (materials requirements issued and operations created), Released to the floor, In Process and Closed
  • Control production schedules and priorities at all stages of the manufacturing process
  • Track variances in material usage and labor with precision
  • Maintain and modify Production Bills of Materials (BOMs) and Bills of Operations (BOOs) for maximum flexibility

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Schedule Module

  • Empowers proactive management of your production and inventory levels
  • Build out Master Production Schedule (MPS) with Production Plans and Forecasts, time-phased over your defined standard calendars, whether absolute or relative
  • Use MRP to determine when to build assemblies, sub-assemblies, and order parts
  • By Use Running Availability feature for up-to-the-minute insight across your operations
  • Use Capacity Planning to improve production scheduling and utilization of labor and machinery by tracking activity at individual work centers over time
  • Identify bottlenecks and downtime (by Item, Work Center, or Planner) and increase efficiency across the organization
  • Use Constraint Management subsystem for simplified Shop scheduling based on Lean and Theory of Constraints concepts
  • —Not available in starter PostBooks® Edition, limited features in Distribution Edition—

Sales Module

  • Order entry gives sales representatives complete visibility into real-time inventory availability and production schedule
  • The option of allowing customer demand to drive work order production directly (or purchase requests, in the case of purchased items)
  • Supports Quotes, which can be converted to actual Orders when the firm
  • Supports multiple levels of tax codes that can be tailored to your customer’s local markets
  • Allows for a rich array of pricing options, by Customer, Groups, Types, and Categories
  • Allows for special promotions and sales, and the ability to adjust customer buying power by credit rating
  • Deep and rich historical sales data available for detailed analysis across multiple time periods, using multiple variables
  • Includes over 200 standard Reports, including 30 in Sales Analysis, all customizable using OpenRPT Report Writer, included with the system

CRM Module

  • Adds dimensions to your Customers with a Universal Address Book
  • Allows multiple Contacts and Addresses per Account
  • Allows Accounts to be Prospects, Customers, Vendors, Partners, even Competitors
  • Incident Management and To-Do List subsystems enable rich history and tracking of customer issues and communications
  • Opportunity Management tracks pre-sales prospecting, tightly integrated with other CRM subsystems
  • Allows for the association of Quotes, Sales Orders, Work Orders and Purchase Orders with a particular Project
  • Track progress and individual Tasks within each Project
  • Enter and track Time and Expense by Project Tasks
  • Create customer Invoices and employee Vouchers for project work completed

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Purchase Module

  • Manages all interactions with Vendors, including Purchase Requests, actual Purchase Orders, Vouchers and Receipts
  • Real-time integration with the entire system so you can consolidate and optimize purchasing procedures across the organization
  • Keep track of Vendor Performance on Rejected Materials, Delivery Date Variances, and Price Variances
  • Both Purchase Orders and Sales Invoices may be sent via email in multiple document formats

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Accounting Module

  • Includes a powerful General Ledger, tightly integrated in real-time with the other modules of the system
  • Flexibility in defining your Chart of Accounts, with support for four Segments in Account Numbers, each of any length
  • Define an unlimited number of Accounting Periods per year, and certain users have the option of posting into closed Periods
  • Supports Standard Journals and Standard Journal Groups, with Expiration and Effectivity Dates for simple Period-End Posting
  • Financial Reports are completely user-definable
  • Open architecture facilitates simple interfaces to third-party applications such as spreadsheets, payroll, and fixed asset depreciation
  • Accounts Payable supports User-Defined Check Formats, assigned on a Bank Account basis, and full Reconciliation capability
  • Control over check runs and look-up of historical purchasing data, user-defined aging of open items, and time-phased cash requirements
  • Accounts Receivable allows for easy creation and posting of Invoices, management of Cash Receipts, Debit and Credit Memos
  • Accounts Receivable allows for time-phased cash projections and open receivables